iBox Remote

Monitoring System

• Base station geographic information data base
• Real-time monitoring of batteries for base station
• Advance warning and smart on call technical support

iBox remote monitor different kinds

of base stations with all kinds of application

Up to 4 sets of iBox

on one base station, Each set includes 1 master and 3 slave units

  1. One iBox unit can remote monitor 4 serials of 12V batteries (LFP or lead-acid)

  2. At present, It’s not applicable for a single 48V LFP battery pack

  3. We are developing new features for different applications

iBox remote monitor all kinds of energy-storage devices

GIS geographic information interface

The dashboard uses a GIS intuitive display platform to show the health information of each battery. As data collect and accumulate, reliability, life cycle, transmission period and other date with visual graphic, can be expended in the future. These features may provide to management, board meeting or CEO to implement into operational decisions.

iBox remote monitor all kinds of energy-storage devices


After platforms connected to iBox, data can upload 2, 4 or multiple times a day by setting. Data includes battery internal resistance, voltage and temperature, to be categorized into normal, alarm and offline statuses according to their situation with different colors.

Upon any alarm show on platforms, it may automatically upgrade to intensive monitoring on every 5 minutes, and all alarms (show as orange color) shall display in the unresolved list of the current warning. Clicking status bar allows further conducting for maintenance or inspections process.

iBox remote monitoring of energy-storage devices

Maintenance technician dispatch (on APP)

The backstage is responsible for dispatch, and the front stage (APP) is responsible for on-site installation or troubleshooting. After on-site troubleshooting, update information shall synchronize with the backstage through the APP.

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