RCE Second generation automobile super capacitor

Second generation automobile super capacitor
RCE Second generation automobile super capacitor SC-1586 15V/86F (for automotive)

Purchase of capacitors includes: dust jacket, basic wiring, screws, no additional charge.

◆Special packaging method is waterproof, shockproof and heat-resistant (80 degrees Celsius).

◆Real super capacitors are not ordinary cheap capacitors.

◆Built-in capacitor pre-charging circuit, no need to use current limiting resistor to charge.

◆Built-in high temperature and high voltage protection circuit to protect the life of the capacitor.

◆Built-in capacitor automatic detection function, it will self-diagnose whether the capacitor is abnormal, if it is abnormal, it will automatically enter the protection mode to avoid accidents.

◆Support iBatt system, usually can monitor battery, capacitor voltage, temperature, and can also manually operate the function of detecting capacitors.

Introduction to Capacitor Features and Functions:

  • Provides instantaneous large current for during startup to reduce the load of the starter battery, and prolonging the usage life of the starter battery.

  • Absorbs the instantaneous surge of the generator after startup to provide stable voltage, allowing optimal operation for the fuel supply computer.

  • Provides continuous and uninterrupted instantaneous large current for the ignition system to operate efficiently, and to exert maximum functionality.

  • For serious audiophiles, it is the best choice for improving audio effects.

  • Models with auto start-stop can improve the startup ability effectively, and prolong the usage life of the battery.

  • Ultra-low temperature startup ability can be successfully started up even at -20 degrees Celsius.

  • 500,000 cycle life, offering the longest service life.

  • hockproof, waterproof and high temperature resistant.

  • A must-have for enthusiasts with modified Eboost function computers; it can be improved and used repeatedly to fix the condition of weak batteries.

Q: Can super capacitors improve the effect of air suspension?

A: The answer is yes. Because the air pressure shock absorber has an electric air pump, the air shock absorber will indeed be improved by pumping it into a gas storage bottle, because it is also electronically controlled, and the super capacitor is added because the current quality is good and the speed is faster, which can make the air pressure shock absorber act. More delicate!

Q: Can super capacitors improve the rear wheel steering system of some supercars? 

A: The answer is yes, some high-end supercars have rear-wheel steering, because they are all controlled by electronic control devices, and super capacitors are installed to provide fast and abundant current supply, which can make steering more sensitive.

Product Number (Producot ID): SC-1586

Cell Capacity: 15V/86F

Self-discharge current: <1.5mA

Temperature range (Applicable temperature): -30℃~+70℃

Instantaneous current: 230A/15V/1S Dimension: 210mm*84mm*48mm

Weight: 1000g

Warranty: 1-year

Working temperature: -30 ~ 70

The wire length is 50cm respectively.


NCC license: CCAF22Y10050T6

RCE product warranty liability and claims specification:

A: During the warranty period, according to the product precautions, and under normal use, the customer's vehicle or property is damaged, and we are responsible for compensation.

1: The maximum compensation amount for property damage liability is 10 times the purchase amount.

2: The maximum compensation amount for personal liability is 5 million.

B : To use RCE products, please download the RCE app or pay attention to the latest notices on the fan page.

C : RCE is not responsible for products outside the warranty period.

Notes before buying:

  • Pre-orders are always paid in advance.

  • Before bidding, be sure to confirm the model of your car, confirm whether there is space for installation, and ask if we can use our products.

  • Super capacitors are electronic passive components and have a limited service life. Please replace them with new ones regularly after every five years of use to avoid vehicle damage due to capacitor aging.

  • If other brands of lithium iron batteries are installed, RCE super capacitors are not suitable! RCE is not responsible for any damage to the capacitor and the car caused by self-installation!

  • When charging the capacitor and battery, please make sure that the charging voltage on the car is lower than 15V before charging! If you use a voltage over 15V to charge, it will cause damage to the capacitor and battery of the Scooters and vehicles. If the above factors are not guaranteed, please pay special attention!

  • Before subscribing, be sure to confirm the location where you want to install the capacitor, and measure the distance between the location and the length of the wire by yourself. If you need a special length, please ask before subscribing. 50cm positive and negative lengths are shipped randomly)!

  • If you need on-site installation of vehicles capacitors, please be sure to place a bid and call to make an appointment. When you come to the store to install, you will be charged an installation fee of 500 yuan!

  • Please pay close attention to the Facebook news, there may be no further notices when shipping, or it is easy to miss the notice, so please pay close attention to the Facebook Fan Page!

Super capacitor warranty terms

If other brands of lithium batteries (lithium iron, lithium titanate) are installed, it is not recommended to add RCE super capacitors. If the capacitor and the car are damaged due to self-installation, we will not be responsible for the warranty.

Super capacitors are only suitable for RCE lithium iron batteries, original lead-acid batteries, and AGM batteries.

Precautions in the use of Second generation scooter super capacitor:

The Second generation scooter super capacitor has high temperature and high voltage protection. When entering the protection mode, the battery and the capacitor will be separated. At this time, the voltage of the capacitor and the battery will be different. This is normal. When the safe voltage is restored, the temperature will automatically recover. As long as the blue light on the left is on In the normal range, don't worry.

When using Bluetooth to connect with iBatt App, if the connection is unstable, please try to temporarily turn off WiFi in addition to turning on Bluetooth and location to see if it can improve the Bluetooth connection.

Do not use the first and Second generation scooter super capacitor  in parallel, it will easily cause damage to the protection system!

The Second generation scooter super capacitor must be fully charged before starting.

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