12V Automobile LFP Smart Battery – European specification 60Ah

Smart SmartBatt_60Ah
Battery Specifications

#Supports Charge Controlled System #Supports Idle Stop-Start System

  • Plastic case

  • BMS 2.0, supports start-stop and charge control.

  • Flagship smart version: Able to execute anti-theft power-off and manual power-off

  • Instantaneous maximum current: 1000 A/1s

  • Continuous maximum discharge current: 200A/60s

  • Dimensions: 280mm*175mm*175mm

  • Weight: Approximately 8.6 kg

  • Voltage : 13.2V (Max:14.6V)

  • Capacity : 60.0Ah

  • Applicability compared to lead-acid battery: Applicable to general European series brand vehicles 55Ah–80Ah

The world’s first smart LPF starter battery equipped with the active energy management system – iBatt; not only does it have excellent performance, but it also complies with environmental protection requirements. It is an innovative product that takes practical utility, energy saving and carbon reduction into consideration. Users can use the mobile APP to understand all information of the entire series of batteries, and also execute anti-theft power-off and releasing functions, etc.

1. Anti-theft power-off system: Equipped with smart power-off remote control function that restricts the large startup current so that the vehicle cannot be started, and only maintain small currents (this function can only be used under anti-theft mode) for the other electrical systems on the vehicle to use, to prevent the in-vehicle computer from resetting.

2. Emergency start function: If you forgot to switch off the lights or other accessories, when the voltage reduces to a certain level, the protection will be disconnected (at this time, all management systems in the battery will continue monitoring, but as time passes by and the minimum voltage is reached, the power consumption of the management system will be completely shut down, and it can only resume after charging); vehicle owners can connect with the iBatt App to resume power supply temporarily so that you can start your vehicle again.

3. Extended time power-off function: When vehicle owners do not use the vehicle for extended periods of time, they can manually power-off completely; this will allow the battery to retain 6 months of power so that it could start up again. Please note that the battery must be powered off completely at this time.

4. Intuitive teaching modes: Except for item 3, all other functions will be displayed on the mobile APP (iBatt), and it will teach you how to release protection.

5. Smart protection mode: Smart determination of moving or stationary to activate different protections. When it automatically determines that the voltage of the battery is too high, it will switch to discharge mode; when the engine has powered off, it maintains normal power supply for the vehicle systems.
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* Warranty liabilities and claim specifications of RCE products:
A: We are responsible for the compensation of vehicle or property damages of customers according to the product precautions and under normal usage within the warranty period.
1: The maximum claim amount for property loss liabilities is 10 times the purchase price.
2: The maximum claim amount for personal liabilities is NT$5 million.

B: Please download the RCE APP or take note of the latest notifications on the fan page when using RCE products.

C: RCE is not responsible for products outside the warranty period.

D: We will not be responsible for the warranty of RCE products purchased outside of the Taiwan region or if not purchased for a local agent; please be responsible for yourself.

*Dedicated chargers for LPF batteries must be used for charging

Precautions before purchase
Please note the model number of the original battery before checking out!

(I) Payment must be made for the product first.

(II) Please confirm the model of your vehicle before bidding, and query whether you can use our products.

(III) DO NOT attempt to repair this product by yourself.

(IV) Do not open or damage the battery.

(V) Please use dedicated chargers for LPF batteries.

The warranty of this product is one year under normal use, except for the following factors:
1. Man-caused damage or improper operation such as external short circuit, strike, dropping, and long-term storage without use.
2. Battery damage caused by unable to charge due to the power system failure of the vehicle.
3. Disassemble or repair this product by yourself or the security label on the side is damaged or removed.
*The batteries from our company have all passed BSMI and CNS certifications.

NCC license number: CCAF22Y10050T6

You are welcome to call us for any questions that you have, thank you!
If you charge with voltages over 15V, it will cause damages to the capacitor and battery of the automobile or motorcycle,
The warranty will not cover damages caused by the factors mentioned above; consumers please be advised!
You are welcome to call us for any questions that you have, thank you!