6.0Ah-B type Smart motorcycle lithium iron starter battery

Smart Batt 6.0Ah-B
Voltage: 13.2V (Max: 14.6V)
Capacity: 6.0Ah
Dimensions: (W)150mm*(D)65mm*(H)89mm
Inch: (W)5.9in*(D)2.56in*(H)3.5in<
Standard charging: 2.5A / 120min
Quick charge: 5A / 30min
Maximum continuous discharge: 50A / 10C (10s)
Instantaneous discharge (1S): 150A / 30C
Working temperature: 32℉ to +140℉ / 0℃ to +60℃
Storage temperature: -4°F to +140°F /-20°C to +60°C
Weight: 1000 grams
Cooper terminal: 24k gold plated
Applicable motorcycles: Works with existing lead-acid model numbers on the motorcycle, or please refer to the comparison table below.

1. Not for off-road use; please query separately if you need off-road use.
2. Please install a voltmeter to monitor the driving voltage.
3. Please use the product by following the manual properly.
4. Please use dedicated chargers for lithium iron batteries; if a charger not dedicated to lithium iron batteries was used for charging and caused battery damages, it will not be covered by the warranty.

◆The motorcycle smart battery mechanism is too small, so there is no current detection function.

RCE smart LFP battery is the world’s first LFP battery that works with the mobile APP iBatt.

Precautions before purchase
(I) To protect the rights and interests of both parties, please complete the payment within 3 days after bidding; otherwise we will cancel the transaction actively, thank you!

(II) Please confirm the model of your vehicle before bidding, and query whether you can use our products.

(III) When using RCE LFP batteries or rectifiers, please install a voltmeter and use chargers dedicated to LFP batteries; if the products mentioned above were not used and resulted in malfunctions of the LFP battery or rectifier, they will not be covered by the warranty. Consumers please pay special attention!

(IV) When charging the capacitor and battery, make sure that the charging voltage in the vehicle is under 15V before charging! If you charge with voltages over 15V, it will cause damages to the capacitor and battery of the automobile or motorcycle; damages caused by the factors mentioned above will not be covered by the warranty; consumers please pay special attention! You are welcome to call us for any questions that you have.

(V) The BMS used for RCE motorcycle LFP starter batteries were all designed and manufactured by RCE; only balancing functions are provided and there are no over-charge or over-discharge protection functions! If the battery powered off due to abnormal charging while driving under high speeds or driving on curvy roads, the engine can easily stall and result in injuries to the people and motorcycle. Please install a voltmeter to monitor the voltage; if there are abnormalities (higher than 14.5V or lower than 12.5V), please stop the vehicle immediately to avoid accidents! For uses on non-starter batteries, other BMS with over-charge/over-discharge functions can be provided; please query separately!

*The batteries from our company have all passed BSMI and CNS certifications.

NCC license number: CCAF22Y10050T6